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Statistical Analysis

As well as SR&ED tax credit support, we also offer statistical analysis consulting that can be used to support R&D work. These services can enhance the value of a claim, and the work we performed can by claimed as an SR&ED subcontractor cost. Some of the services we offer are:

Sample Size Analysis

When improving a product or process, the question arises "How many prototypes should we build to prove product/process viability?" Being able to quantitatively answer this question can yield a significant improvement to both the eligibility, and the value of potential SR&ED claims.

In some industries, general 'rules of thumb' exist for appropriate sample sizes. If they don't exist, then statistics can be used to calculate an appropriate sample size. Sample size considerations are discussed in our knowledge base. Many R&D practitioners have areas of expertise other than statistics - this is where we can help! We are familiar with these types of calculations, and can help you determine an statistically appropriate sample size.