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SR&ED Tax Credit Support

Our SR&ED tax credit support is outlined as follows:

  1. Claim Management: We will manage the claim process, ensuring that all necessary information for your SR&ED claim is submitted on time. After the claim is submitted, we will follow through with the CRA on your behalf, until you get your refund.
  2. Documentation System: We will help you implement a system to document the research performed, as well as any applicable hours and costs. A formal SR&ED documentation system results in a decrease in the time and work required to assemble an SR&ED claim, and is recommended by the CRA.
  3. Claim Preparation: We will assist you in outlining, reviewing and guiding the technical write-ups. The CRA prefers the technical reports be in the researchers' own words, so we aim to have your staff write their own reports. We will provide you with ample guidance and feedback to ensure all relevant information is included and clearly explained.
  4. SR&ED Training: Throughout the claim process and while we assist you with the report write-up, we will teach you and your staff what projects, activities and associated costs are eligible, what technical documents and other proof of research is important to keep on file, and how to maximize future SR&ED claims.
  5. Accounting & Submission: The final assembly of the financial information will be performed by our chartered accountant, before being submitted to the CRA.